Khloé Accessories’ Spring 2018 Colour Palette

Nan Wang

Posted on March 02 2018

Colour plays a vital role in fashion trends, and is a surefire way to bring liveliness and vitality to any look! Because it plays such an important role, designers, from jewelry to clothing, have begun adding much more of them to their collections. But from the wide array of colours that are offered, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose from for your personal style and personality. That’s why PANTONE® came out with the top 6 colours that reflect the fashion trends for Spring 2018, which Khloé Accessories has matched so you can find all the right ear pieces to suit your needs! From feel-good tones to neutral and classic ones, you won’t have to look any further to find the perfect pair of earrings.


Blooming Dahlia — Corail Rose Rivoli Earrings

Like the Blooming Dahlia colour chosen by Pantone, the Corail Rose Rivoli earrings are a beautiful shade of pink that is both alluring and subtle. But don’t be fooled by its unassuming tone! Paired with the right outfit, these little gems can bring any outfit to full bloom! Sparkly and sophisticated, these earrings will be a favourite for the girl who is always humble, feminine, and modest.


Meadowlark — Limoncello Xirius Earrings

There’s a reason as to why the meadowlark commands one’s attention every time it flies by! The gorgeous yellow shade is so bright that Khloé Accessories just had to pair it with the shiny Xirius cut. With its many facets, the Limoncello Xirius Earrings will make it seem like you have two bright little stars on each ear! These earrings are the perfect addition to the collection of the girl who always seems to be spreading love and joy wherever she goes!



Lime Punch — Melon Miel Rivoli Earrings

Fierce and chic, this light green colour adds some much needed freshness to any outfit of your choice! That’s why Khloé Accessories named their earrings Melon Miel, after all! Because what better way to cool down on a hot summer day than by biting into fresh honeydew? These Rivoli gems are perfect for the the spunky lady who loves all things unique!



Arcadia — Aqua Xirius Earrings

You’ll never have to choose between green or blue ever again! Pantone’s Arcadia is a beautiful blue with green undertones, just like the Aqua Xirius earrings from Khloé Accessories! The unique Xirius cut creates the lovely illusion of sunlight sparkling on the surface of water. The lady who loves all things vintage and retro is going to jump at the chance of adding this pair to their personal collection!



Little Boy Blue — Iris Rivoli Earrings

As bright as the clear blue sky and as beautiful as the Iris flower, the Iris Rivoli Earrings are sophisticated as well as innovative! Starting your day by wearing the stunning sky-blue shade of these shiny little gems will make you feel full of promise and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. These are perfect for any girl who’s full of positivity, and will have her “feeling blue” in the best of ways!



Pink Lavender — Berry Sorbet Rivoli Earrings

Pantone’s Pink Lavender is soft and feminine, but it’s also full of vitality! That’s why Pink Lavender has met its match with the Berry Sorbet Rivoli earrings. The brilliant light pink shade of these earrings is emphasized by the many facets of the Rivoli cut. If your personality is the perfect mix of merriment and elegance, then this is the pair for you!

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