The Perfect Heartfelt Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Nan Wang

Posted on March 02 2018

Valentine’s Day is the most heartfelt holiday of the year, and you’re sure to spend it by having a romantic evening with your loved one. So when it comes to taking your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife out, you’ve got it all planned out. But why not go the extra mile and get her something that will really ‘wow’ her?

Everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and when it comes to Valentine’s day gifts for your special lady, Khloé Accessories has got just the thing! In fact, Khloé Accessories has got a whole section of earrings that will show your significant other just how much you love her: the Heart-shaped Earrings.

Now that you have the shape all figured out, the next step is to choose the colour which best suits your sweetheart. Below, we’ve listed personality traits that suit each colour to make your decision a little easier:



Heart-shaped Hummingbird Earrings

The Heart-shaped Hummingbird earrings are perfect for the girl who always seems to attract others without even trying. Effortlessly beautiful, her emotions run deep like the green of these earrings. This pair is perfect for the woman who is down to earth, imaginative, and like the hummingbird, is consumed by wanderlust.




Heart-shaped Crystal Earrings

The Heart-shaped Crystal earrings are the ideal choice if your sweetheart is a sensitive daydreamer. Although she is polite and soft-spoken, she is a visionary who loves to dress up and go out with her loved ones. Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanour! Once you really get to know her, you'll see that she is one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet!




Heart-shaped Bubblegum earrings

If your significant other is girly with a very bubbly personality, then the Heart-shaped Bubblegum earrings are perfect for her. These girls are sweet and loving, maintain a very chic appearance, and always look for the next big adventure! If this sounds like your girl, then you can’t go wrong with this pair of earrings.




Heart-shaped Amethyst earrings

The Heart-shaped Amethyst earrings are the best addition to a beautiful, loyal, and ambitious girl’s collection. Intelligent and clever, this woman loves freedom. And although she is ambitious and hardworking, she loves nothing more than to leisurely sit back and let herself be entertained.




Heart-shaped Cherry Pie Earrings

If your loved one is friendly, witty, and still manages to be the most mysterious and sexy person you’ve ever met, then the Heart-shaped Cherry Pie earrings are your perfect choice of gift. These gorgeous earrings give off an air of love and sex-appeal, just like your lady in cherry-pie red!




Heart-shaped Classic Blue Earrings

A girl who is mysterious, generous, trustworthy, who is a daydreamer, and only wants to surround herself with peace and serenity sounds like the perfect girl, does she not? If your sweetheart embodies all of these qualities, she deserves to have you get her the Heart-shaped Classic Blue earrings!




Heart-shaped Flamingo Earrings

The Heart-shaped Flamingo earrings are perfect for the girl who is compassionate and charismatic! Flirty and unconventional, this girl always tends to see the best in everyone. If this sounds like your special someone, then the deep pink heart-shaped flamingo earrings are your best choice!





Heart-shaped Hibiscus Earrings

The Heart-shaped Hibiscus earrings are the ideal choice if your loved one is loving, generous, and sensitive to the needs of others. This girl always maintains a feminine appearance without even trying, and surrounds herself and others with positivity. These light pink earrings are perfect for the girl who doesn’t possess one negative bone in her body!




Heart-shaped Unicorn Earrings

This pair of earrings is perfect if your sweetheart is as unique as a unicorn! They’re the best choice for an adventurous, creative, and exceedingly friendly girl. So if your girl is lovable and playful, get her the Heart-shaped Unicorn earrings!




Heart-shaped Cielo Earrings

Although she always seems to have her head in the clouds, the girl who is deserving of these earrings is always elegant, passionate, sensitive, warm and gentle. So if this sounds like your loved one, you’ll be making the right choice by gifting her these Heart-shaped Cielo earrings.




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