What to wear for the Holidays

Anne-Marie Munoz

Posted on December 12 2017


The Holidays are always a little daunting. Not only do you have to worry about finding the perfect gifts for all your loved ones, but you will probably also have to attend many different parties, which means that you will need to find the perfect outfits.

Of course, family gatherings, social parties, and work parties all require a different kind of attire. You will either have to decide on getting three different outfits, or take an easier route and find one simple outfit that you can dress up for three different occasions. And no one will ever know!

So before you make your way towards rack upon rack of dresses, tops, and skirts, the most important thing you should consider is whether or not you would prefer to wear patterns or a solid colour. The best option available if you have decided to buy only one dress with patterns is to choose a pattern that has black in it. That way, there are many methods with which you can dress it up.




The most important decision to make while choosing a colour for your dress is whether you want to go festive with bright and shiny colours or timelessly classy with a Little Black Dress. But keep in mind that if you already have a vast collection of little black dresses, you should try to switch things up a bit and opt for fun, bright colours. It’s the most festive time of the year, so embrace the cheerful holiday spirit by choosing an outfit that stands out!


If you have decided on choosing a colourful outfit rather than a LBD, it’s time for you to pick a colour. You can choose to wear your favourite colour if you want, but the best thing you could do is to choose a festive colour that matches the general mood of the Holiday season. This includes deep and vivid winter tones such as navy blue, burgundy, or emerald. You can even spice things up and choose these colours in a shimmery/velvety fabric, or choose an outfit with a festive colour pattern!





Sleeve Length


When choosing sleeve length, there are a few factors that come into play. If you decided on only buying one outfit, the best option would be to choose a sleeveless one, so you can pair it up with different jackets to dress it up for social parties or down for office parties.


If you get cold easily and wish to dress more warmly, your best option would be to choose an outfit with long sleeves. If you don’t want to wear long sleeves, but don’t think sleeveless dresses suit your particular style, you can opt for shorter sleeves, or even today’s more trendy option: bell sleeves!








Now that you’ve decided on sleeve length and colour, the next important thing to consider is the neckline. The question is: do you prefer to wear your own jewelry, or do you prefer to wear a dress that is so bedazzled that you won’t need to wear jewelry? If you prefer the latter, you’ll find  that many round necklines these days are embellished with sewn-on jewels.


If you prefer to show a little bit more skin in order to have many jewelry options to choose from, pick a décolleté in the shape of a V. If you want to create more contrast between your dress and your jewelry, a high-neck outfit is the best option, since your necklace will shine against the dark wintery colour of your dress.




After you’ve established what you want to wear, the last step is is deciding what to carry with you. Firstly, bringing a big purse with you is probably a bad idea. You would have to watch over it, which means you’ll have to carry it throughout the night. So forget the shoulder pain you get from carrying a heavy purse, and opt for a nice clutch! Don’t forget to sift through your big purse and take out all the essentials you’ll want to put in your clutch, like your wallet, phone, and some makeup for touchups throughout the evening.




Next, you’ll have to choose your party shoes. Now, if you’re capable of wearing heels throughout an entire day without feeling any pain in your feet, you can opt for the high ones if they look good with your outfit. If not, you can always find nice and fancy shoes with a shorter height to them, or a chunkier heel.


Don’t forget to bring a scarf or wrap in case you get cold during the night! But the most important accessories that can make or break your holiday outfit are jewelry. At Khloé Accessories, you’ll find gorgeous earrings and necklaces that are perfect for any occasion! Holiday parties are all about showing off just how much you can shine, and that’s what Khloé Accessories is all about. With over 100 colours and shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find the pair that is perfect for you.


So be sure to shop the Khloé Accessories online collection here, or stop by any Jean-Coutu near you! Don’t forget to share your best holiday party moments!




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