7 Cool Activities for a Chilly Christmas Weekend

Anne-Marie Munoz

Posted on December 22 2017


(source: vincentphoto.com)


Visit Montreal’s “Village du Villain Sapin”

Last year, Montreal was proud to present the tallest Christmas tree in North America. Much to Montreal’s dismay, this giant tree was laughably the ugliest. This year, Montreal takes their blow to the ego in stride by presenting its Ugly Christmas Tree in the Plateau on Prince Arthur and Saint-Dominique. This also presents you with a chance to visit the surrounding “Village du Vilain Sapin” inspired by this ugly tree, in which merchants sell unconventional crafts, ornaments, and vegetable baskets from November 24th until December 23rd. So be sure to visit and take part in the prized national joke!



(source: journaldemontreal.com)


Celebrate with Christmas in the Park

From December 1st to December 25th, you have a chance to visit Montreal’s Christmas in the Park Festival. So celebrate the merry Christmas season by drinking mulled wine in a friendly atmosphere with artistic events featuring various musicians and storytellers for the whole family to enjoy!



(source: Noel dans le parc, Emmanuel Crombez)


Go Zip-lining in Old Montreal


Don’t miss a chance to view the city’s winter decorations from above by zip-lining in Old Montreal! For the first time ever, MTL Ziplline is open to the public every weekend this winter from 11am to 5pm. Since the zipline holds between 50 to 250 lbs, this fun activity is for the whole family to enjoy! Located next to the Clock Tower Dock in the Old Port of Montreal, MTL Zipline is open from 11am to 5pm, starting from Saturday, December 24th.


 (source: montrealfamilies.ca)


Skating at Mount Royal Park


Whether you’re with your family or your significant other, skating is an activity you will never grow tired of — especially when you treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate afterwards! So what could ever beat spending a White Christmas weekend skating on Beaver Lake? Don’t forget to throw on your tuque, gloves, and skates! Skate rentals are also available.


(source: Mtl Blog)


Place de la Famille Radio-Canada

Don’t miss the chance for your little ones to meet Misses Claus and her little helper Robert the Elf this year at Place de la Famille Radio-Canada! Oversized animals, toys, a giant marionette, and a ton of fun games…. what more could a kid ask for?


(source: marchenoelmontreal.ca)



Petit Champlain District in Quebec City

If you’re all about taking a little trip during the holiday season, the Petit Champlain District in Quebec City is the perfect place for you to go! Comprised of unique boutiques, bistros, cobblestone streets, and gorgeous romantic European atmosphere and architecture, this historical landmark is nothing short of magical. Perfect for both a family outing, or a romantic getaway, this quaint Petit Champlain District will take your breath away!


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Go to Chateau du Lac for Losers Night

Who says you can’t enjoy Christmas night when you don’t have family, friends, or a loved one around to celebrate it with? Since 1989, Chateau du Lac bar has kept its doors open on Christmas night for those who didn’t have any plans. Now, it’s one of the most anticipated events of the year. So call a taxi, have a drink, and stay joyfully surrounded by people on the most wonderful time of the year!


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