Future brides, think of your bridesmaids!

Anne-Marie Munoz

Posted on November 06 2017

Organizing a wedding is a difficult task, and bridesmaids are often more than willing to help the bride plan it. They’re the ones who will help you find the perfect wedding dress, pitch in for your bridal shower, and organize the perfect bachelorette party. That’s why giving your bridesmaids a gift is always a gesture that they are sure to appreciate. After all, they are your bridesmaids because you know you can always rely on them when times get tough. They’re your right-hand women!

But when is it an appropriate time to give them your little token of appreciation?

Although there’s no specific timeline in which you should gift your bridesmaids, sooner is always better than later. Of course, this is purely up to your discretion. It is your wedding after all, but the general rule is to make this gesture no later than one or two months before the wedding day.

You can present it to them during your rehearsal dinner when everyone you care about is gathered together. This would allow for you to even make a speech to thank them publicly. You can even distribute their gifts on your wedding day during a bridesmaids luncheon if you would rather have it be a more private affair. One thing is for sure — they will appreciate the gesture whenever you choose to give it to them.

How much should you spend?

Now that you have decided when you would like to give them your token of appreciation, the next big step is to decide on how much you should spend on them. Generally, there are two important aspects to keep in mind when you are deciding on how much you should dish out:

  1. your budget
  2. the amount they are spending on you.

The first aspect is obviously the most important one, because you need to set limits on the amount your wedding as a whole should cost. In this case, you should spend as much as you can If this is a small amount, just remember that it’s the thought that counts, and they would appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

Although it’s important to keep your budget in mind, you should still ask yourself how much your bridesmaids are spending on you. If they’re expected to spend an enormous amount of money on things like a plane ticket, hotel room, shoes, or a dress, then it’s probably best that you consider incorporating the amount you’ll spend on their gifts in your budget. You don’t necessarily have to spend as much as they are spending on you, but you should give them a gift that shows them how much you appreciate everything they have done for you.

If you realize that your budget doesn’t really allow for you to spend that much, you can always give them a gift that comes from the heart, or something that is specific to them. Sometimes the time you spend on their gift means more than its price tag.

Don’t forget to keep in mind that your maid of honour usually spends more time on planning your

wedding and bachelorette party, so you should be a bit more generous with her gift.

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What are some of the best gift options?


When it comes to gifting your bridesmaids, you certainly can’t go wrong with jewelry. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! It’s such a classic choice that it’s a gift that any girl would be happy to receive. You can get them all matching necklaces and earrings that would fit perfectly with their bridesmaid dresses. But since no one really has the same taste in jewelry, you could also get them sparkly gems that are specific to their taste.

Whatever you choose to do, Khloé Accessories has an option for you! With our bridesmaid collection, you are sure to find shiny jewelry that could fit with each and every one of your bridesmaid’s style. Made with real crystals from Swarovski®, the Khloé collection features earrings that are playful, fancy, and professional, so they are perfect for any occasion. We know that gift giving can be difficult sometimes, but you can’t go wrong by buying beautiful fashion jewelry that can be worn every day. So keep calm, and shine on!

If you need more ideas, don’t hesitate to take a look at our bridesmaid collection!


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