Halloween: Dare to Shine!

Anne-Marie Munoz

Posted on October 26 2017


We are currently reaching the end of October, which means we are just a few days away from Halloween. Now some of you may be excited about the one holiday that is all about pumpkins (pumpkin spiced lattés, pumpkin muffins or cookies, or pumpkin pie), and some of you may even be thinking it’s the most overrated holiday ever. But like it or not, Halloween is the one holiday that allows you to dress up with your friends, to prepare the most unique costumes, and to show off your creative style. And that is one sure way to ensure that you will have a good time. After all, who doesn’t enjoy playing dress up and having a blast with their friends?


Halloween is all about having a joyful experience. If, however, you are still on the fence about whether or not you want to celebrate this awesome holiday, below are a few reasons why celebrating Halloween and joining in on the fun of wearing a costume can be an experience you will never forget.


Show off your creativity!


Halloween is the one of the only holidays in which you can truly show off your creativity. The most fun comes from putting your costume together to show off your unique ideas and style. So let those creative juices flow and show them to the world! Whether or not you’re comfortable wearing a costume, physically, or mentally, it’s an obvious fact that it’s a great opportunity to be creative. And in today’s fact-based educational system where you don’t get much of an opportunity to do so, you should take advantage of any chance you get!

Letting those creative ideas flow also helps you learn more about yourself, such as what you like or dislike or if you enjoy any particular concept of design. It can also help you learn about the extent of your imagination. And if you’re too lazy to assemble a costume by yourself, you can always purchase one and embellish it to make it more unique and fitting of your style. An obvious choice of embellishment involves accessories, so what better way to jazz up your costume by purchasing affordable pumpkin pie or jet black earrings from Khloé? The best part about this is that they’re made with real crystals from Swarovski®, so you can wear them for every occasion.


Take on a new identity!


Halloween is the only time of the year in which you can enter the skin of a totally different character. Theatre, video games, or taking on a different online personality are some of the only ways in which you can do this in everyday life. Virtual games allow you to enter the skin of different species, race, age, or gender, and social media allows you to change your voice in order to produce a desirable image of yourself, but these are all done in a virtual setting. How many times can one really act out a completely new character by dressing up and acting the part of the character you are dressing up as?

It is safe to say it’s a very rare occurrence that is hard to pull off in our daily lives. Taking on a new identity for even just a short amount of time can also help you learn about yourself, because the transformation can be quite powerful. You may realize that the person you are inhabiting for a short time may have qualities that you would like to have, so you might find yourself wanting to work on aspects of yourself that would make you proud to be you. Even social scientists Janine from and colleagues suggest that wearing costumes and acting out a different role can help us learn about ourselves. So show off your new identity by pairing your costume up with Khloé hypoallergenic fashion jewelry that will dazzle and surprise all of your friends! Your shiny new studs will definitely make you be the source of envy.


Socialize and have a blast with your friends!


Halloween is one of those holidays in which you spend time with your friends, either by creating your costumes together, or going out to a Halloween-themed party. It therefore possesses immense social benefits. And if you feel socially anxious, maybe the fact that you are taking on a new identity will help you feel more confident. And confidence is what we, at Khloé accessories, are all about! So show off your costume with your shiny new jewelry made with real crystals from Swarovski® and we guarantee that you will feel more confident. Don’t forget to share your moments with #meskhloé


Can’t choose between buying a costume or making one?


Don’t you worry. Khloé Accessories is always here to help make your experience worthwhile. That’s why you’ll find a few pros and cons of each of these options below.


Pros of buying an costume in stores:


One of the best reasons as to why people choose to buy costumes in stores is that store-bought costumes tend to look like the character you’re dressing up as. So if you’re not very imaginative or crafty, your best option is to buy one. If you think the costume isn’t unique enough, you can always embellish it with accessories to make it your own. Imagine attempting to make your own costume and having people ask you what you’re supposed to be… talk about embarrassing! A sure way to avoid this is to buy your outfit in stores.


Another one of the benefits to buying your costume in stores is that it saves you a lot of time as opposed to the amount of time it would take for you to make one. All you have to do is go to a shopping centre, pick out your outfit, and wait for Halloween to come around. You can even purchase one online!


Pros of making your own costume


The main benefit of making your own costume is to show off your creativity and imagination. Costumes bought in stores tend to be pretty pricey, and the outfits that are the most creative and least expensive tend to be the ones that are handmade. Moreover, store-bought costumes are usually less unique than handmade ones. You wouldn’t want to attend a party where someone else has the same costume as you! Another benefit of making your own costume is that you would be sure that the material will fit just right. And, obviously, you would have bragging rights. And since one of the most important factors of making your own costume is to pair it up with accessories that match it, be sure to visit Khloé Accessories or in any Jean Coutu near you to buy cheap earrings, that are both shiny and high quality, from our Halloween earring collection.


If you don’t want to empty out your wallet or spend too much time making a costume, rest assured that you still have plenty of options to choose from. If you have a striped red and white hat, the easy choice is to go as Waldo. If you have a white sheet you can be the classic ghost that never goes out of style. Another funny option is to wear a modest slip and stick labels on it with Freudian terms written on them; you psychology fans can be a Freudian slip! An additional classic choice nowadays is to wear all black and purchase (or make!) cat ears so you can be Catwoman —ready to tackle the night with your nine lives!


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(Source: www.momdot.com/cat-ears-diy/) 


And this is where Khloé’s halloween jewelry collection comes in…


Whether you’re dressing down or dressing up, Khloé Accessories’ earrigns will perfect your look. Khloé is all about creativity, shine, and confidence, which is why our accessories will be the perfect addition to your outfit.  


Our Rivoli Pumpkin Pie and Xirius Pumpkin Pie hypoallergenic fashion earrings pair beautifully with any Halloween costume. Since pumpkin is all the rage during the fall season, you can wear your Pumpkin Pie earrings with any outfit as you sip on your pumpkin spiced latté or dig into your pumpkin pie! These orange earrings made with real crystals from Swarovski® are both classy and playful, which makes them ideal for any occasion. Who wouldn’t be happy getting their hands on a pair of cheap crystals from Swarovski® earrings? Check our website to see our women’s orange earrings jewelry on sale for halloween. Keep in mind that every Montréal Jean Coutu also holds a collection of our fashion earrings!


If you want something a little darker in the spirit of Halloween, check out our collection of black Swarovski® crystal earrings! These jet black earrings are perfect for any outfit that requires a darker tone to it. Hypoallergenic and coming in many shapes and sizes (Cushion, Cube, Rivoli, and more!) these cheap earrings made with real crystal from Swarovski® are sure to capture everyone’s attention. The best part about them is that black never goes out of style, so you can even pair them with any outfit in everyday life.


So if you’re looking for cheap online jewelry that are both affordable and stunning, check out Khloé Accessories’ online earrings, or go look near you to find a pair of our Khloé earrings at a  Jean Coutu near you for the best kind of Halloween treat! Don’t forget to share your #khloemoments!


Happy Halloween!






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