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Nan Wang

Posted on March 15 2018



Ah, the weekend. The perfect time to kick back, relax, and finally enjoy the time that isn’t spent at work. Some of you might like to sleep in, in favour of saving your energy for a late evening with friends, and some of you might want to make the most of your free time by getting up early to go for brunch or shopping. Whatever you choose to do, it’s the perfect time for you to unwind, forget your work environment, and have fun.


But now that you finally got out of your confining working-girl clothes, it’s time for you to start flaunting your style and personality by accessorizing your weekend outfits! But what accessories should you wear for all your outings? Below, you’ll find a few options to choose from for each of your weekend activities! 


For your Friday evening…


Friday evening should be your most extravagant evening of the weekend. After all, there’s a reason people say “TGIF” every Friday. It’s time to celebrate the end of your work week, and all of the effort you put into it, by going out with your close friends to a bar or a lounge with a dance floor. What better way to let off some steam and kick your weekend off to a good start than to have a few drinks with friends and dance the night away?


One of the things a girl can’t go without on a Friday night is her little black dress. If you’re going dancing, this one is absolutely perfect for the occasion! If that’s too fancy and you’re just going to a bar for a few drinks, a cute black sweater dress like this one will do the trick!


Since this night is a little more chic, your must-have accessories has to include a cute pair of heels that you can match with your little black dress. Depending on where you’re going, you can break out these cute black pumps, or you can choose to go a more casual route by opting for these nice black booties that go with just about anything!


Add a bit of colour to your outfit by painting your nails red — that way, you can match your nails with your lipstick. Essie has a ton of nail polish in different hues, so you’re sure to find a lipstick that will go with it.


But let’s face it, what will really make you shine are the earrings you’ll wear. These Jet Black Cushion Earrings from Khloé Accessories are the perfect choice for your Friday night out, since they’re both sultry, and classy, and will definitely pair well with the rest of your ensemble.



For you Saturday dinner with family…


After spending an amazing time with your friends the night before, you’re probably going to want to take it easy on Saturday night. This is most often the time reserved for dinner with your family or significant other, so it’s time for you to bust out you cute and comfortable clothing!


Nothing says cute and comfortable like a nice cardigan such as this one, paired with your favourite jeans! And of course, you’ll want to wear your favourite pair of shoes for the occasion. That includes anything you can easily slip on or off like this nice pair of black flats, or even these cute booties for the colder winter months!


To up the ante, Khloé Accessories has the perfect silver rhodium plated pendant and earring set with crystal coloured gems that will really jazz up your outfit and light makeup look. So whether you’re wearing black, red, green, or white, these are the perfect addition to make you look stylish and effortlessly beautiful.



For your Sunday brunch…


The best way to end your wonderful weekend is with your loved ones on a Sunday brunch. You’ll want to wear something extra cozy before having to put on your work attire the next day.


So why not wear your best cozy jeans and top, like this gorgeous beige or light purple sweater from H&M. To match this look, you’ll definitely want to wear your most comfortable shoes like these best-selling white Vans®. They’re cute and comfortable, and go with any casual look!


Since you want to be taking it easy on this day, minimalist makeup that only involves nude lipstick and your favourite mascara looks best.


To give your most comfortable outfit a dash of sparkle and glamour, wear the Peach Bellini Xirius Earrings from Khloé Accessories! This gorgeous colour of these earrings is subtle, but definitely won’t go unnoticed! The Xirius cut of these gems is sure to make you shine. Who says cozy can’t be cute?



Made with real crystals from Swarovski®, all the earrings from Khloé Accessories are affordable and hypoallergenic, so you’re sure to find the pair that is perfect for you! Shop online, or find a Jean-Coutu near you.


Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to share your #momentkhloé!



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