Celebrate the 2018 World Cup in Style!

Nan Wang

Posted on July 15 2018


We soccer fans have waited long enough for the World Cup to make its way back to our televisions. Of course, you’ll be cheering your favourite team on no matter if your friends are cheering for a different one. But will you set your differences aside to celebrate this grand event? The answer most likely is (and should be!): definitely not. This is the time to make all your playful rivalries apparent by putting on your war paint, dressing in the colours of your team, or even hosting a barbecue with all of your table accessories’ matching the colours of the team you’re rooting for. Why not kick it up a notch by wearing accessories that are perfect for the occasion? In fact, Khloe Accessories has gone International — with flag sets that are now 40% off, to encourage you to keep rooting for your all-time favourite team. Below, you’ll find just a few of our International sets!


With no titles and six appearances in the World Cup, they hold one of the most known soccer players of all time: Cristiano Ronaldo. They have never made it to the finals, but they are placed 4th in FIFA’s ranking. Cheer Portugal on with this Portugal earring set! This set includes the gorgeous rivoli cherry pie earrings as well as the cushion jungle earrings, perfectly matching your favourite flag!



Ranked 10th in FIFA’s official ranking, Spain has had 15 appearances in the World Cup and won the FIFA World Cup back in 2010 against the Netherlands. Sergio Ramos is definitely one of the players to watch out for this year, as he is the second player in Spain’s history with the most appearances at the international level after Iker Cassilas. Keep an eye out for this power team and cheer them on with the Spain Set from Khloe Accessories. Included in this set are the rivoli cherry pie earrings, and the rivoli gold rush earrings!



With 15 appearances in the World Cup, France is ranked 7th in FIFA’s official ranking. They hold one title, which they won on home soil against Brazil 3-0 in 1998. They are one of the eight national teams to actually win at least one title in the FIFA World Cup. Star players to watch out for are Kylian Mbappé and Paul Pogba! Cheer this national team on with the beautiful France set! Comprised of the ever-popular rivoli cherry pie earrings, the rivoli classic blue earrings, and the cushion crystal earrings, this set is available for only 29.99$!



Belgium appeared in the World Cup 13 times. Although they never held a title, they are still a team to watch out for since they are placed 3rd in FIFA’s official rankings. Between 1982 to 2002, Belgium is the second team to have reached the most successive World Cups by playing qualification rounds, bested only by Spain. Players to watch out for are Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard. Root for this killer team with Khloe Accessories’ Belgium set, comprised of the gorgeous cushion black jet earrings, the cushion moonlight earrings, and the cushion wine ruby earrings!



Holding he record for the most World Cup wins in the history of FIFA World Cups, Brazil holds the 2nd place in the official rankings. They have not only won once, but five times! Having made 21 appearances in the World Cup, they’re definitely the most successful national team in history! Players to watch out for are, of course Neymar Jr and Philippe Coutinho. So rock your green, blue, and yellow with Khloe’s Brazil set! Included in this set are the rivoli cactus earrings, the rivoli classic blue earrings, and the rivoli gold rush earrings. A killer set for a killer team!



Having won two titles, Agentinia is placed 5th in the official FIFA rankings this year. They’ve made a total of 17 appearances in the World Cups, their most recent being in 2014 where they lost against the winning team, Germany. Of course, everyone knows to watch out for Lionel Messi! Cheer this team on with the Argentinia set! Comprised of the stunning cushion cielo, cushion crystal, and cushion moonlight earrings, you’ll be wearing these even when the World Cup is officially done!

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