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Nan Wang

Posted on April 16 2018

Accessorizing is a vital step that no girl should ever forget when they’re getting ready to go out. That being said, it’s important to have right accessories for every occasion, and sometimes these gems can be pretty difficult to find. Luckily, Khloé Accessories’ mission is to make you shine for all of your special events! From bracelets, necklaces, and charms, to hypoallergenic earrings made in Montreal with real crystals from Swarovski®, there’s an option for every girl and every moment!



Bracelets, Necklaces and Charms


Although Khloé Accessories has a vast collection of earrings, that’s not the only thing they have to offer! You also have the option of adding stunning bracelets and necklaces to your personal collection. The delicate and feminine floral bracelets pair well with any choice of outfit, whether you’re going for a fancy dinner or a casual brunch. They even come in silver, gold, and flamingo, so you’re sure to find the right fit! When it comes to everyday necklaces, you can opt for the soft heart-shaped pendants, or the Khloé Essential Pendant and Earring Sets that come in silver or gold and are sure to make you dazzle.

If you’re the kind of girl who loves to personalize her own jewelry, you can even add the silver rhodium plated bracelet and stainless steel chain to your collection! With these, you can personalize your look by adding a multitude of Swarovski® charms to them. Being able to add or remove charms to your bracelet of necklace means that your jewelry can always match your outfit of the day. You also never have to wear the same thing twice, since you have the option of choosing between 20 different colours! Not only are these charms the best way to customize your jewelry, but they also make absolutely perfect gifts!

Speaking of gifts, Khloé Accessories has turned the difficult task of finding the ideal gift for your bridesmaids into an easy one. With the gorgeous Bridesmaid Collection consisting of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, you won’t have to look any further to find the perfect gifts for your favourite ladies.



Khloé International Collection


If you miss being on vacation in your favourite country in the world, rest assured that you can always keep your memories in your heart... and on your ears! The International Collection from Khloé Accessories allows you to pair your favourite outfits with your favourite country’s colours, like the gorgeous cielo and crystal earrings that represent Greek flag, or the cactus, crystal, and cherry pie earrings to commemorate your unforgettable Spring Break trip to Mexico!

The International Collection also offers you the chance to celebrate your national holidays in style! Need a cool pair of earrings for Canada day? Pair your red and white outfit with the cherry pie and crystal earrings! Need accessories for your Saint-Jean-Baptiste celebration? Look no further with the classic blue and crystal studs! You can now proudly represent your country with sophistication and flair!

You can also shop this collection if you’re planning a trip for the summer. Not only will these gems make you shine, but they’re also an appropriate display of homage to the country you’ll be visiting. So before you book your vacation to Italy, be sure to add the jungle, crystal, and wine ruby earrings to your collection. Since Italians are notoriously proud of their roots, all the locals you’ll be meeting will definitely appreciate the thought. This collection is also an easy way for you to purchase your favourite earring colours in one shot, at a discounted price. So instead of purchasing three pairs of earrings at full price, you can get them in a single package for up to 15$ off!



Limited Special Edition Collections


Khloé Accessories has a vast collection of gorgeous earrings in a ton of different shapes and colours. From Cube, Heart, Rivoli, Cushion, Pearl, and Xirius, you’re never going to run out of choices or styles. All of these options are available to you because we are committed to making you shine every day. That’s why, to make your buying choices easier, you can now shop Limited Special Edition Collections that are tailored for specific occasions.

The Après-Ski Collection is the perfect collection for the winter season. But just because winter is over, doesn’t mean that the icy-blue and crystal gems should gather dust in your accessory box until the next winter comes along! In fact, these colours are timeless, and can be paired with absolutely anything, from your favourite pair of jeans, to an elegant blue or silver dress!

Pastel colours are gaining in popularity, so if you’re a fan of this trendy look, the Champagne Enchanté Collection is the best choice for you! The Stunning Peach Bellini, Hibiscus, and Vintage Rose earrings are sparkly, feminine, and perfectly suited for elegant soirées and fun, fashion-forward styles!

With winter quickly coming to an end, it’s time for you to finally add a splash of colour to your favourite summer outfits with the Bahamas Cruise Collection! Consisting of watermelon, gold rush, and flamingo earrings, this collection is sure to freshen up your hot summer looks!


Shop online or visit a Jean-Coutu near you now, because these collections are on special and available for a limited time only! Happy shopping, and don’t forget to share your favourite looks on all your social media accounts with #meskhloé!



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