6 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Nan Wang

Posted on October 08 2018

Whether you’re an avid fan of cooking a big meal for your friends and family, or you just want to use Thanksgiving as an excuse to use the extra day off to do something fun, there are plenty of things you can do to kick the long weekend up a notch. Below, you’ll find 6 interesting ways of celebrating Thanksgiving by yourself or with your loved ones.


Have a potluck

Potlucks are great for those of us who aren’t too keen on cooking huge meals for a lot of guests. With a potluck, you can invite however many people over to your place while still ensuring that there will be enough food to go around. The best part of it is that it’s also a less expensive for you to have people over. All you have to do it set up a nicely decorated thanksgiving-style table, prepare the turkey, and wait for all your guests to arrive!


Look for travel deals

Since thanksgiving offers you a nice, long weekend, why not put those extra days towards a mini-vacation? This is a great option for travel lovers who don’t particularly enjoy hosting a big thanksgiving party. Consider treating yourself to a long weekend at a spa to get rid of those knots in your back from working long hours at the office. If you’re looking for something easy and inexpensive, there are plenty of all-inclusive packages to Mexico and Cuba available on Expedia! Who wouldn’t be thankful about escaping from the colder weather and going somewhere hot and sunny instead?


Head to a pumpkin patch

Add some pumpkin spice to your life by going to a pumpkin patch this thanksgiving! The best part is that the pumpkin patch itself isn’t even the funnest part about going. Think of all the cool things you’ll be able to do with your new pumpkins! You can carve them for Halloween that’s just around the corner, you can make delicious recipes with them, or you can just use that as cute fall decorative pieces! If this seems like an option that would be of interest to you, rest assured that there are plenty of pumpkin patches that are near Montreal, such as Verger Labonté and Quinn Farm.

Go apple picking at one of Montreal’s nearby farms

If you’re not the type of person that ever got into the autumn pumpkin craze, but would still like to do an equally fun activity, consider apple picking instead! Not only is this a fun thing to do with friends, but it can also be pretty romantic if you go with a significant other. Also, imagine all the delicious apple pie you would be able to make with your very own hand-picked apples!

Fright Fest at La Ronde

For some, October is less about giving thanks as it is about Halloween. So for those horror movie fans out there, head to La Ronde for Fright Fest, where the amusement park is transformed into a giant haunted attraction with live entertainment, haunted houses and mazes. But beware! If you don’t enjoy being chased by zombies and demons, it might not be for you!


Accessorize in typical fall fashion

Holidays aren’t just about having fun, but dressing the part, too! And nothing spices an outfit up like great accessories. Luckily, Khloé Accessories has got your back! Wear your Pumpkin Pie Rivoli Earrings when you go pumpkin picking, or add some bold colour to your potluck look with the Cherry Pie Cube Earrings. Thankfully, our Autumn collection is now on sale for 30% off! You can also get a free gift now when you spend more than 25 dollars.

So shop online or find a Jean-Coutu near you to get these awesome deals today! Be quick, because the promotion ends on Oct 15th!

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