5 Reasons why you need a pair of Khloe in your life!

Anne-Marie Munoz

Posted on October 06 2017

When it comes to purchasing fashion jewelry to freshen up your style, it can be quite a difficult task. With the multitude of choices available online and in stores, it can be very hard to decide on which pair to buy. Let us say that it is not the selection that is missing out there. Fashion jewelry, unlike clothing and shoes, requires another mental process. Every girl thinks about factors such as how often will i wear the piece, will it look good on me, will I make an allergic reaction to it and so on… Have no fear ladies as Khloe Accessories is here to help you make your decision a breeze by giving you the 5 reasons why every girl should own a pair of Khloe earrings.

Reason #1, Variety:

When you first browse our website, the first thing that comes to your head is our large selection of crystal earrings. With hundreds of different shapes, colors and sizes, you can actually match your Khloe’s to your personality, style and mood. Khloé earrings are like candy, their unique shine and vibrant color selection just makes you want to have a whole bunch of them.

Reason #2, For Every Occasion:

Finding the right jewellery to wear in the day-to- day can be complicated sometimes. And let’s face it, sometimes we just do not have the time to think of what jewelry we want to wear. At this point, with the fast paced world we live in, the most important is that we do not forget our clothes!

The beautiful part of our Khloé crystal earrings is that once you find a pair that you like, you can literally wear them everyday. Whether you want to go to work, shopping or have a diner night out, your khloé earrings will be like you best friend. Slap them on, and take them everywhere with you.

Hint : a pair of Khloé crystal earrings make the perfect gift for every girl!


Reason #3, Real Crystal from Swarovski®:

Every girl likes to wear things that are good quality. But sometimes, have good quality items can be quite pricey. The good news is: Khloé Accessories crystal earrings are not only made with real crystals from Swarovski® but their price also starts as low as $9.99.

Girls, This is a Dream come True!

This literally means that you can own lots of earrings made of crystals from Swarovski® and match them with all your outfits and occasions.


Reason #4, Hypoallergenic:

To give you more added value, Khloé Accessories crystal earrings are all made with stainless steel posts. Stainless steel is a metal component of superior quality that is hypoallergenic, which means it reduces the chances of irritation of the skin.

Reason #5, Khloé Accessories is a Montreal based company

Khloé Accessories is proud to say that is a local brand based in Montreal. With more than 300,000 pairs of crystal earrings sold, each and everyone of them is assembled manually here in our head office located in our beautiful city.

We would like to take a moment and thank all of our clients for their support and encouragement. They have contributed immensely in the growth of our company and we hope that the Khloé community will keep on growing.


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